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    Jitendra Latish Kulkarni was born in 1990. He was born in Dhule, Maharashtra. He entered astrology from 2003 while he was in the knowledge of various subjects. It has taught Yajurveda, Vastu, Astrology, Pendulum (Lolak Vidya), Aura Scanner, Ratna Shastra, lal book and continues to be pursued. Along with this, Navanath Nitra Seva Trikal Sandhya Vandana Surya Puja and Agni Hotra have been performed in numerable periods and innumerable prayers.

    If there is Trouble in solving your problems then

    It is known that fees are refunded completely if any of our advice is not profitable.

    Satisfied Host

    Over the years, over 4,000 hosts have experienced satisfaction through work.

    Year of experience / Assurance of Positivity and prosperity
    The ritual of the astrology of the year and a half, guided by the experienced guru, ensures fruitage.
    Appropriate advice/ Guarantee of satisfaction
    Knowledge enriched by all-round experience guarantees satisfaction through the proper advice given to people to get rid of their problems.
    Various Education/ Education Proper Guidance
    Astrology education and the expertise that is also achieved in various subjects are always useful for proper guidance.

    Hindu astrology is a method of calculating eclipses developed in India.
    This is the method of making the Calendar in India, where religious activities and festivals are celebrated across the country.
    Srinath Avasthi Astrology still performs all religious rituals in the traditional manner that has been practiced in the past to ensure proper celebration of religious activities and festivals.